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  • Top 10 Social Bookmarking Plugins for WordPress :Speckyboy Design Magazine
    It has been almost two years since we last published a post on WordPress Social Bookmarking Plugins. What a difference that short period has had on user expectations, design trends and overall acceptance and popularity of social bookmarking.<br />
    Many of the plugins from the previous post are now pretty much redundant and no longer supported, so this post takes a fresh look at the best Social Bookmarking solutions for WordPress. The plugins you see below are not in any order, just a collection of the plugins we love.
  • 13 Sexy Sign-up Forms – Web Design Blog –
    When it comes to online strategies you should never overlook the design of your sign up page. Some of the given examples are sites than many of you I’m sure are familiar with, although, I feel there are some growing gems among the group. (And when I say sexy, I really mean quality ;) ) Take a look around!
  • 5 Web Files That Will Improve Your Website
    There are a number of lesser-known and underused ways to enhance your site with a few simple but powerful files. This article aims to highlight five of these unsung heroes that can assist your site. They’re pretty easy to use and understand, and thus, can be great additions to the websites you deploy or currently run.
  • Think Vitamin » Getting Started with WordPress Custom Menus
    Perhaps one of the biggest holes in WordPress prior to version 3 was the lack of custom menu support. Menus often had to be hand coded into header.php and, whilst they could be ‘smart’, it often let the client needing a PHP savvy developer to make alterations to the setup.
  • Automatic Image Slider w/ CSS & jQuery | Simple Image Slider Tutorial | jQuery Slider | jQuery Image Rotator | jQuery Tutorials | Web Design Tutorials and Front-end Development Blog by Soh Tanaka
    With the release of the iPad and its lack of support for flash, it has stirred up a lot of debates regarding the future of flash. With this in mind, I believe it is wise to build simple widgets like the image slider using HTML/CSS/Javascript, and leave more interactive applications for flash if needed. The html based image slider will have its benefits with SEO and will also degrade gracefully for those w/out js.
  • 10 jQuery Slider Techniques and Plugins | Tutorials
    Last year we posted a collection of jQuery slider techniques and plugins. In a years time the trend of using these types of sliders or slideshows to display featured content has only grown more popular. This means more sites are using jQuery sliders and more people are coming up with new ways to create them. If you’ve yet to try implementing this on a site, here are 10 more techniques and plugins that will help get you started.
  • Showcase of Sweet Chocolate Websites – Smashing Magazine
    As one would expect, chocolate website often use an appetizing brown dominant color. If you take time to look at the panel of colors associated with it, you will find out that there is a lot of combination working really well. Apart from this component, each site is unique and features an original identity, depending on product presentation and given information.
  • 30 Examples of Excellent Website Navigation | Inspiration
    A website’s nav or menu should look like a nav. It should stand out while still matching the rest of the design, and it should be in a location where users expect it. So to give you some inspiration in this area, here are 30 Examples of Excellent Website Navigation.
  • 20 Websites with Carefully Crafted and Convincing Copy | Design Shack
    Below you’ll find a number of tricks that you can use to create convincing copy for your website. We’ll discuss how to use everything from hyperbole to sarcasm to snag users and score more conversions.
  • 9 More Useful and Free Downloadable Web Design Books – Speckyboy Design Magazine
    788 ► Retweet<br />
    <br />
    A few months ago we published a popular article called 12 Useful and Free Downloadable Web Design Books, and the positive response we received from our readers was phenomenal. But, just as there is with most things, there is always room for improvement.<br />
    With the help of readers and authors we have discovered another 9 free web design books we felt were worthy enough to bring to your attention, you will find these book below.
  • 40 jQuery and CSS3 Tutorials and Techniques – Speckyboy Design Magazine
    In this article you will find a comprehensive selection of tutorials and techniques that make use of some exciting and fresh CSS3 properties and injected this with some innovative jQuery. You will some truly creative image galleries/sliders, a marvelous selection of innovative navigation techniques, a handful of original form solutions and the rest of the tutorials cover almost all aspects of web design. Hope you find them useful.
  • 30 Unique Logo Designs That Actually Say Something | DevSnippets
    A well-thought logo is the one that successfully communicate ideas to people. Logos have great importance in creating brand identity that’s why designers compete to be creative to deliver their message in a unique way.<br />
    Today, we focused on logos that use creative methods to represent the brand through color, shapes, and typography. In this post we’ll feature 30 clever logos for your design inspiration.
  • Using Illustrations in WebDesign: 30 Creative Examples | DevSnippets
    Using illustration in web design makes it stand out from the crowd by giving the design its own character. Illustrations manage to be unique when designed carefully around your design elements.
  • 10+ Most Beautiful Island Photography on Earth | DevSnippets
    Today, we want to have a little break and have a deep breath while looking at these magnificent and beautiful island photography from around the world.
  • 30 Construction Logos for Inspiration – Speckyboy Design Magazine
    The 31 exmaples of construction logos below are bold, creative, clean and, hopefully, a useful source of inspiration for owners of construction businesses and logo designers.

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