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  • Photography Inspiration: 40 Magnificent Aerial Photos | Naldz Graphics
    Aerial Photography is really enjoying. Capturing shots from above, seeing the beautiful view down below the camera. In this technique, you will appreciate the wideness of nature. From bodies of water to landscapes mixing with different structures. So in this post, we present you a collection of inspirational aerial shots just for you guys. After seeing this post, we expect that you will be out there trying this technique. Enjoy!
  • 100 Free High Quality WordPress Themes: 2010 Edition – Smashing Magazine
    Today, we present a fresh collection of useful WordPress themes. Please notice that some themes are a bit older, but they are included because we haven’t featured them last time. This round-up picks up where we left off last year: most themes below were released between June 2009 and August 2010. We’ve also split this collection into the following categories: gallery and portfolio themes, themes for bloggers, e-Commerce WordPress themes, clean themes, magazine-style themes, minimal themes, mobile themes; pre-launch themes; and finally “Themes That Take WordPress Beyond.”
  • 30 More Hilarious Print Advertisements | SpyreStudios
    Most people hate adverts. Intrusive, deceptive and boring are just three adjectives commonly used to describe advertising and its omnipresence in modern society. Say what you like about the 30 hilarious print ads below, however, boring they certainly are not!
  • Amazing Examples of Paper Art | Inspiration
    When most people think of art involving paper, they think of drawing, sketching, or maybe painting. However, there are very talented people out there that create art from paper in more unusual ways. I’m talking about paper art that involves creative forms of cutting, folding, and carving. Materials for this type of art can vary, ranging from ordinary paper to whole books. To inspire you and let you see what other things artists are doing with paper, we’ve collected some pretty amazing works for you to enjoy.
  • 30 Fun and Fantastic Wedding Invitations | Webdesigner Depot
    As you’ll see below, weddings invitations have been overflowing with creativity, with couples wanting the guests to start experiencing their special day from the moment they receive the invitation, way before the big event. This collection consists of 30 unique, crafty, and fun wedding invitations. You’ll see everything from circus-themed invitations to cards designed to look like comic book covers.
  • CSS3 Pseudo Selectors Emulation in Internet Explorer 5-8 – CSS3 . Info
    Keith Clark, an independent web developer from the UK, has developed a JavaScript solution to IE’s CSS3 shortcomings in relation to CSS3 selectors. CSS3 selectors became the first W3C module to reach proposed recommendation status back in December 2009. His ie-css3.js project (currently in beta) allows Internet Explorer, versions 5 through 8, to identify CSS3 pseudo-class selectors and render any style rules defined with them. All this is achieved by simply including the script, along with Robert Nyman’s DomAssistant, within the head element of your web pages.
  • 50 Web Designers and Developers to Follow on Twitter | Resources
    If your looking for some web designers and developers to follow on twitter, then your in the right place as this list contains 50 web designers and developers who are worth following. You’ll find that each one has a lot to offer and a unique perspective on their craft.
  • 30+ Creative and Inspiring Poster Designs :Speckyboy Design Magazine
    Poster design gives a fantastic canvas for creativity. Like web designs, posters offer great scope for creativity and innovative graphic design. Posters are often created for DJs, events, nightclubs and other interesting subjects that lend themselves well to creative design work. This article is aimed to provide you with some great examples of inspiring poster design and creative graphic design in general.
  • 35+ Unique & Interesting Product Packaging Designs | Onextrapixel – Showcasing Web Treats Without A Hitch
    Whenever we're going to buy a product, especially the new ones we will inevitably pay more attention to the packaging of the product itself. Product packaging has tremendous power to grab our interest. It combines art and technology for protecting products for distribution, storage, until finally reaching the end user.
  • 40 Highly Effective FaceBook Business Pages :Speckyboy Design Magazine
    This article takes a look at some highly effective and well developed Facebook pages and shows what can be built using FBML, just scroll down and see yourself
  • How To Add a Custom Facebook Like Box to Your Site
    Facebook pages are becoming more and more popular with brands, bands, organisations and celebrities who want to boost their social exposure on the web. Facebook’s social plugins and widgets are a great way to link your Facebook page with your website. Let’s look at how to not only insert the popular Like Box code onto your website, but also how to customize it to fit with your design, and make sure the code correctly validates.
  • Showcase Of Delicious Coffee Websites – Smashing Magazine
    And in fact, coffee houses and suppliers are quite a business, with online presences ranging from simple layouts with striking typography to advanced layouts with remarkable photography. Coffee websites: what do they look like? What do they have in common? What metaphors, visuals and typography are they using? Well, this is where this showcase comes handy; let’s take a closer look at tasty coffee websites and examine their distinctive features and peculiarities.
  • Modernizr
    Modernizr adds classes to the <html> element which allow you to target specific browser functionality in your stylesheet. You don't actually need to write any Javascript to use it.
  • A List Apart: Articles: Taking Advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 with Modernizr
    Ten years ago, only the most cutting-edge web designers used CSS for layouts and styling. Browser support for CSS layouts was slim and buggy, so these people advocated for web standards adherence, while creating hacks that made CSS layouts work in all browsers. One hack that became widely used was browser sniffing: Detecting which browser and version the user had by looking at the navigator.userAgent property in JavaScript. Browser sniffing allowed for quick and easy code forking, allowing developers to target different browsers with different instructions.
  • A List Apart: Articles: No One Nos: Learning to Say No to Bad Ideas
    No. One word, a complete sentence. We all learned to say it around our first birthday, so why do we have such a hard time saying it now when it comes to our work? Guilt. Fear. Pressure. Doubt. As we grow up, we begin to learn that not doing what others expect of us can lead to all sorts of negative consequences. It becomes easier to concede to their demands than to stand up for ourselves and for what is right.

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