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  • 15 Fresh, Unique and Free WordPress Themes :Speckyboy Design Magazine
    One of the main reasons WordPress enjoys such an unrivaled and ever-growing popularity is the constant stream of feature-rich and diverse themes that are released every day. Of course, it is the premium themes that are currently getting, as you would expect, the better reviews and deserved attention. Having said that, you should not under-estimate the quality of the the free themes that have been recently released, as this post aims to shows you.
  • Photoshop Blending Modes: Beginner’s Tips and Tricks | Design Shack
    Photoshop’s blending modes are a source of constant confusion for many designers. There aren’t really any sort of built-in examples for you to see and the blending mode names are no where near intuitive suggestions of what the effect actually does to the appearance of your document. Today we’ll help remove a little of the mystery by discussing how a few key blending modes work in addition to some hints for how to use them effectively.
  • 35 Creative Postcard Invitation Designs for Inspiration | Onextrapixel – Showcasing Web Treats Without A Hitch
    To help give you tons of design ideas, we have put together a collection of 35 creative postcard invitation designs. So, scroll down and be inspired!
  • 10 Professional Minimal WordPress Themes | Resources
    Whitespace, good typography, and a solid layout are all important aspects of a good design, and especially a minimal design. When these three elements are executed correctly, it translates into a highly professional look. If you’re a WordPress user, the problem is that finding a solid minimal theme can be a challenge. So for this post, we’ve rounded up 10 Professional Minimal WordPress Themes.
  • Showcase of Creative Moleskine Art
    We gathered 30 magnificent diverse examples of brilliant Moleskine art, ready to muse and amaze
  • 25 Well-Designed Magazine-Style Websites | Vandelay Design Blog
    Magazine or news-style designs are increasingly common as online periodicals and multi-author blogs continue to increase in popularity. In this post we’ll showcase 25 magazine-style designs for your own inspiration. You may also be interested in similar showcases from the past: 25 Outstanding Magazine-Style Website Designs and 25 Magazine-Style Layouts for Your Design Inspiration.
  • eStore WordPress Theme | Elegant Themes
    eStore provides an elegant solution for those looking to sell products online. The theme is easy to configure, and offers integration options with some of the most popular (and free) ecommerce plugins, including eShop and Simple PayPal Shopping cart. Also, due to the open-ended nature of the design, adding support for additional shopping carts won't cause a headache. If you are ready to bring your business online, then get started today with eStore!
  • 45+ New WordPress Themes: October 2010 | Webdesigner Depot
    Below we’ve collected nearly fifty high-quality WP themes from around the web.
  • 70 Hand Drawing Style Resources, Brushes, Textures,Icons And Tutorials
    Here You can find the best resources You need to create hand-drawing style designs, artworks or websites. There are wood, cork and leather textures, various office brushes, photos, templates, icons and even few tutorials at the end of the article as final reference. And I even didn’t mention hand-drawn doodles, fuzzy lines, sketches and many high-quality paper backgrounds, notes, pins – just look through and take what You need!
  • Propaganda Design: Inspiration, Tools, Resources, and Techniques – Noupe Design Blog
    Every time you see a political poster, you’re seeing propaganda. Advertising in all forms almost always uses at least some of the usual techniques used by propagandists. Virtually anything created to persuade a person to do a certain thing or think a certain way has roots in propaganda.
  • 35 Colorful Web Designs to Inspire You | Inspiration
    Yes, we do love Minimal and Super Clean Web Designs, but we also have “a thing” for Colorful Web Designs. Sometimes color can completely transform the look of a website. So in this selection we are presenting to you 35 examples of colorful web designs. From colorful backgrounds to typography, icons and texture, this is an inspiring collection. Enjoy.
  • 10 Random CSS Tricks You Might Want to Know About
    There are many useful CSS techniques and tricks out there for you to take advantage of. This is a collection of a few useful CSS snippets that you might want to keep in your toolkit.
  • The Great TypeKit Table – Sleepover
  • 43 Impressive and Fully Creative Hand Drawn Websites | DesignBeep
    We became familiar with Web 2.0 styled websites in the last few years but there are also trendy and unique designs.Hand-drawn style is getting more popular in design world and you can come across amazingly creative hand-drawn websites over the internet.For the last 2 weeks i was looking for these sketchy websites and i want to showcase the ones i like most.Hope you like them.
  • Typography Inspiration: Text Art from DeviantART | Design Juices
    This showcase and roundup of great typographical digital art is taken from Deviant-ART with each picture linking back to its original location, each image is the copyright of its respective creator. We claim no image to be our own.

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