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  • Print Design Tips for Web Designers | Design Shack
    I started my career in print almost a decade ago and gradually moved over to the web. This whole new medium brought several creative and technical hurdles that I had to learn to deal with and even embrace. Today’s article is for a new generation of designers making the opposite jump. You’ve been designing for the digital world for some time and are ready to learn print design. We’ll help ease the transition with some dead simple and practical advice.
  • 28 Stunning Examples of Night Photography | Onextrapixel – Showcasing Web Treats Without A Hitch
    Below are several examples of various cityscapes and other assorted photos shot at night and in low light level situations
  • Photo editor online – edit image
    Welcome to the most popular advanced online image editor in the world!
  • Oh yes – Designspiration
    This house in Gävle, Sweden, was documented in the latest issue of sköna hem. I’m not going to excuse myself for being enthusiastic here. I love all the white(are you surprised?), with the subtle grey tones and black punctuating details.
  • Exit Modal Box | Powered by jQuery
  • CSSnewbie Example: Jquery Popout Ad
  • Head2Heart
  • 25 Beautiful & Inspiring Navigation Menus | Inspiration
    The importance of a website’s navigation shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, without it, one wouldn’t make it much further than the home page. That’s why designers spend extra effort coming up with ways to make the navigation menu not only look great, but also easy to use. For your Monday inspiration, we’ve rounded up 25 examples of beautiful and inspiring navigation menus.
  • 25 Examples of Portrait Usage in Web Design | Codrops
    When designing a website, every step of the process is important. From content to usability, appearance to structure, every element counts to make a difference and create the perfect design. From super clean and minimalist layouts to colorful and eye candy designs, there is a place for every taste and approach. Following the recent trend of using big background images in web design, we decided to gather a list of websites using portraits in their layouts. So in this showcase we will show you how several designers are using portraits at their designs to make things more personal and to give a nice unique touch to their sites. From small thumbnails to illustrations and big background portraits, we have a lot of inspiring examples to show.
  • Login / Registration Form: Ideas and Beautiful Examples
    All throughout the modern web, we are seeing a growing amount of places for user input. These include shopping carts, interactive web games, and most certainly website registration forms. It seems that not only should designers be focusing on page design, but form aesthetics are also equally vital role. Consider how many forms you may have filled out over the course of your Internet history. There are countless examples of these from forums, message boards, blogs, and so many more. In this article we’ll be taking a look at some great tricks to designing your in-page forms.
  • 10 Techniques for Customizing the WordPress Admin Panel
    A while back, I wrote a guide on how to improve the WordPress Admin Panel as an exploration of how we can customize the user interface of WordPress for end-users. In this post, I’ll take you even further with some awesome tricks, techniques and snippets from my website, WP-Snippets.

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