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  • The Essential Guide to WordPress 3.0 Custom Taxonomies
    WordPress makes it possible for theme developers to create their own taxonomies which are created within the functions.php theme file. This is what we are going to cover today. We will learn how to work with Custom WordPress taxonomies.
  • Showcase Of Big Online Stores – Noupe
    Below, you’ll find 40+ online stores, with short observations on their design and usability. We hope this list helps you better understand the world of online shopping.
  • The Ultimate WordPress Shopping/Ecommerce Toolbox (Plugins and Themes) – Speckyboy Design Magazine
    This fresh article brings all of the WP ecommerce solutions up to date with some new and powerful plugins (some older as well) and a collection of fully ecommerce ready themes (which were not even thought of when our original post was published).
  • 80+ Swirly, Curly And Floral Vector Resources | SpyreStudios
    Swirls, Curls and Flowers are often linked together in the design world, and are extremely popular. There are hundreds of resources out there for those of you that like to use floral elements in your design work and illustrations.
  • 10 jQuery Plugins and Techniques for Doing More with Images | Resources
    When we see an image on a web page, it’s second nature for us to move our mouse over it or try to click it. We have come to expect some level of interactivity when it comes to images, especially with modern web design technologies, such as jQuery. If you happen to be working on a project that requires the images to have a little something extra, then jQuery is the way to go. To help you out, we’ve rounded up 10 jQuery Plugins and Techniques for Doing More with Images.
  • Free WordPress Theme : A Simple Magazine
    A Simple Magazine, is a free WordPress theme with magazine style. The theme packed with 5 color schemes, 2 unique page layout, 2 custom widget, and more customization option in theme option page, make your website more unique. A Simple Magazine is provided to user under the open source GPL License, you can use it for all your project or at least use it as a foundation for your next projects for free and without any restrictions. Please link to this article if you would like to spread the world.
  • Best of Breadcrumbs and How They Enhance Your Website | SpyreStudios
    Breadcrumb navigation offers a visually enticing way for users to keep track and know where they’re specifically located as they navigate your site. Overall, it increases the usability of your website, especially if it has various pages that need to be organized and structured in a certain hierarchical order.
  • The Ultimate Guide for An Online Portfolio Using WordPress | Onextrapixel – Showcasing Web Treats Without A Hitch
    In this article we will discuss the issues concerning online portfolios and how a blogging platform such WordPress is able to create a fantastic online portfolio for you!
  • Tracking Your Time: 5 Awesome Tools For Freelancers for Time Management
    Looking at the importance of time management, today we have collected 5 tools which can make your life easier be managing your time for you. They are not completely free but remember to get something productive you have to pay. Working as a freelancer is a hectic job which required time management first so have a looks on all these tools and select best tool for you.
  • My Favorite Icon Sets | Design Informer
    Well, in this post, I’d like to share some of my favorite icon sets that are available for download. And guess what, they are all free!
  • 30 Useful Abstract Photoshop Design Tutorials – Noupe
    This collection of abstract design tutorials will hopefully able to introduce you to some of the skills and techniques commonly used when creating such pieces of artwork and design elements.
  • 48 Examples of Excellent Layout in Web Design | Inspiration
    Beautiful graphics and colors are great and play a big part in web design, but most would agree that the backbone of a solid user experience is the layout. After all, what good is all of the eye candy if one can not easily read and digest the content. There is nothing better than opening a perfectly organized and readable website – a page where the layout invites you to browse the site’s content. There are several ways to organize and put together a nice layout for your website, and here we’ll show some examples of sites that use grids, columns and blocks to showcase their content.
  • 100 Years Of Propaganda: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Smashing Magazine
    In this article, we look at various types of propaganda and the people behind it, people who are rarely seen next to their work. You will also see how the drive for propaganda shaped many of the modern art movements we see today. Notice that this post isn’t supposed to be an ultimate showcase of propaganda artists. Something or somebody is missing? Please let us know in the comments to this post!

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