• Rotating Words with CSS Animations | Codrops
    In today’s tutorial we’ll create another typography effect. The idea is to have some kind of sentence and to rotate a part of it. We’ll be “exchanging” certain words of that sentence using CSS animations.
  • The Ultimate Photoshop Web Design Workspace | JUST™ Creative
    In this post, I outline how I have personally set up my web design workspace and why I have found it to be the most productive layout for producing web work since I’ve started using Photoshop. Take note that I am using a 27″ monitor at 2560×1440 resolution though this layout should work on monitors 17″ and up.

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  1. There are a number of mailing lists devoted to talking about PHP and related projects. This list describes them all, has links to searchable archives for all of the lists, and explains how to subscribe to the lists.

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