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Sport’s icons for Eurobet promotions

Set of sport’s icons for Eurobet promotions. More on  

Slow Food Movement

Challenge – Tragic Sans Create a brochure cover promoting the Slow Food movement. As part of your design, you must use five or more unique fonts. (80 Challenges…

Folder Design for a Print Company

Challenge – I’m Drawing a Blank You were recently hired by a paint company to help them with a rebranding effort. For your first project, they would like…

Redesign – 1959 Volkswagen Ad Think Small

Challenge – Time Machine Select a print ad from before 1980 that you admire, then redesign it in a contemporary style as a full-page color ad for one…

Back to Black

Illustrations of my movies’ heroines.

Ars Itineris – Feel Italian

Print ads for Ars Itineris.

Scorecast Logo for Eurobet

Logo for a type of bet on Eurobet. More on

Kito sposa Kito

Skills: PSD, Photography & Post-Production. Website: Sito realizzato per il matrimonio degli amici Angelica e Luca. Sviluppato su WordPress con jQuery e markup html5, è un progetto…

Paper Planes

Skills: PSD, XHTML coding e CSS coding. Website: Agency: Mondo a Colori Media Network. Progettazione e sviluppo della sito ufficiale della mostra “Paper Planes, the wind doesn’t…

16 ottobre 1943

Skills: PSD, JAVASCRIPT, XHTML coding e CSS coding. Website: And like nice I reading you where to buy baclofen this cap with for mygra sildenafil 100 –…